I Fucked It Up

Here I sit
Regretting the day
With twenty one years of life
And nothing to show for it.

So I paint by dwindling light
Mediocre flowers the world has seen
A thousand times over.
They were more compelling in ink.

Take a good thing
And mess it up.
My pen never ceases
To smear.


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2 thoughts on “I Fucked It Up

  1. Reblogged this on katblume and commented:
    I love the honesty in this, how we screw up beautiful things. I would love to see someone answer this poem. To continue it and right an ending that fits. One that shows how we take our pains and turn them into actions. After all. If we didn’t this would be where the story ends. This guy has his hole life ahead. He’s not even half way there. Sure he messed up. That’s what we do, but its how we fix our problems that make us who we are.

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